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  • Miss G Thumb helped provide edibles to help me fall asleep without my sleep mediation. The cookies provided pain relief for my body and relaxed my mind. I had a lot of fun learning about plant medicine, cannabis and Baking Happy! Can't wait to have Miss G Thumb back for another private session soon!

    Patient C. {Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma}
  • Miss G Thumb's edibles allowed my wife to sleep, gain weight and find relief from her MS. She has been bed ridden for 10 years. We came to Miss G Thumb as a last resort to avoid a feeding tube being put in. Within 3 days of receiving and using Miss G Thumb's infused butter, my wife was eating entire meals (she barely ate a few bites at time before) and had put on 5lbs! The doctor was so pleased with the results that they no longer needed to entertain the idea of a feeding tube!
    Patient M. {advanced stages of MS}
  • WOW! Miss G Thumb's edibles have brought immense relief to my life. They provide pain relief, anxiety reduction, stress relief and slow down my monkey mind. I can now fall asleep without my sleep medication and the best part of it all is, I know how to replicate the medicine and process myself!
    Patient J. {Server Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Work Related Stress}
  • Stargazer Lily & Bud
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