Recipe Make 13 Cannabis Bombs (1/4 Cup = 1 Bath Bomb)

Go Organic Whenever Possible!
1 pound (16oz) Baking Soda
1 Cups Organic Food Grade Citric Acid (for the Fizzing Action!)
~ 15 – 25 Drops of Your Favorite Essential Oil(s)
Cold Pressed Olive Oil/Coconut Oil (infused with your choice of cannabis/cbd)
Spray Bottle with Water & Essential Oil(s) of choice (spray as needed to solidify mixture)

Optional Fun You Can Add In:
Dried Cannabis Leaves
Glitter, Sprinkles, Small Toys, Fortunes, Jewelry
Dried Herbs & Flowers (my favorite source Mountain Rose Herbs)
Fruit/Veggie Juice or Food Coloring to bring in a SPLASH OF COLOR!
1 Cup Epsom Salt (Amazon for bulk, & Walgreens/CVS for small batches)

Sift Baking Soda and Citric Acid into a Glass or Metal Bowl using a metal strainer.

Avoid Plastics for all parts of the processβ€” the essential oils may be absorbed by the plastic and render it unusable for food applications after.

Add Essential Oils. Mix immediately and well so it does not have time to fizz.

Mix your THC/CBD Infused Olive/Coconut Oil into the dry ingredients.
Pour Slow, Mix Fast so the combination does not have time to fizz.
Add the Oil until you are able to mold the mixture into a ball.
Toss this ball gingerly between your two hands.
If it mostly stays together, you are good to go for pressing the mix into your molds.
If it’s not quite there yet, keep adding oil until you reach this magic consistency.
You can also spray with your water to add smaller amounts once you get close to the sweet spot.

Add dry herbs or glitter by placing them at the bottom of the tray or mixing them into the dry ingredients before adding the oils.

Use a Stainless Steel Meat Baller to make the Perfect Size and Round Shape Bath Bombs! (buy one here – Amazon) or using a 1/4 cup measuring scoop, dish out mixture into the molds of choice.

Press and pack down the mixture firmly into your molds.

Let sit for 2 hours.


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