What on earth is Glycerin?
It’s a liquid, sugar alcohol and has 60% sweetness. Using glycerine you can make an extremely tasty cannabis concentrate. Infusing it can be easy and fun. It’s just not fast. Unlike alcohol infusions that are around 2 weeks, vegetable glycerine takes 30 – 60 days. I recommend trying to get closer to 60+ days to really extract the THC.

Here’s my easy way to infuse glycerine with Buds/Flower.
Following that are the amendments for infusing a concentrate.

Take the desired amount of cannabis and break it up with your hands.
There’s no need to grind it down to a fine powder. I found that over time the leaves deteriorated if they were ground up super fine. I preferred the taste and feel when this process did not happen (peoples choice however, you may really dig it!). I suggest using no less than 7g’s for a 16oz infusion. I generally use a 1/2oz to a 16oz bottle of glycerine.

Purchase any organic vegetable glycerine (16oz bottles are fabulous) that can be found at Whole Foods, Nature’s Food Patch, sometimes Publix and definitely Amazon.

Pour the glycerine into a mason jar and add your desired amount of cannabis flower.

Store in a cool, dark, dry place.
I like to put my infusions in a brown paper bag I usually have left over from a shopping trip. Any bag that no light can penetrate is perfect. Light exposure can degrade the quality of the infusion and integrity of the ingredients.

Every day for 3 – 5 minutes, shake the shit outta your jar!
Put on some music, blue suede shoes, dancing shoes, tiny dancer, whatever you need to break it down, shake it out and get that infusion rocking!

At Day 60, Congratulate Yourself! You are Patient as Fuck! Way to be zen!
You will have done a lot of moving and a shaking but I promise, it will all be worth it!

With an eye dropper, you can dose out your glycerine oil in to capsules and take them just about anywhere with you! They are great for theme parks and so much more!

If you are infusing with Concentrate
Low and slow, very carefully heat 1 shot glass worth of the glycerine just enough to easily and completely mix in the concentrate. Allow this mixture to cool before adding it back into the rest of the glycerine and flower infusion. Allow to sit in the cold, dark, dry place, covered from light for 2 – 3 days. The concentrate has the THC extracted already so it is an almost instant reaction/infusion. That being said, allowing it to soak with the rest of the glycerine oil for a few days will encourage it to medicate the remaining lot.

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