Today we’ll use Gummy Bear Molds to Make Brando Bears!

This recipe comes from my friend Brandon (give him a follow on IG @Marijuana_And_Margaritas) who helps manage the Curaleaf Dispensary in Palm Harbor, FL. It is, by far, my favorite gummy recipe EVER!

That’s because it’s almost 100% fool proof.
It is an easy infusion to pull off and will make you feel like an edible expert! You don’t even want to know what my first batch of from scratch gummies looked like (gasp, horror, shock, FAIL or maybe #NailedIt is more appropriate).

You can use any shape mold that you’d like if bears aren’t your thing or you like variety, it is the spice of life after all! Whatever the shape, I recommend silicone molds and here are some great ones from Amazon. 

Melt 2.5lbs of Albanese Gummi Bears at 180˚F for 45minutes.

Add In 2 Tbsp Vegetable Glycerine.
You can see in the photo above, the jar of oil to the left of my handsome cat Thing 2, has color and isn’t just clear glycerine. That’s because it’s infused with cannabis flower!
Click Here for my Glycerine Infusion Recipe.

Add In Desired Dose of THC Concentrate.
Check Out My Dosage + Effects Chart for Suggestions

Mix Throughly!
This step is super important, don’t skimp out, use those muscles!

Pour into heat safe, silicone molds of any shape.
I found my bears on sale at JoAnn Fabrics but here is a link for a better deal on Amazon.

Allow them to cool and solidify.

Now it’s Time to Enjoy!

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