Miss G Thumb has been a cannabis advocate and infusion specialist for almost 20 years. Her journey began in late 2000 when she met 2 older hippie ladies who would bake for cancer patients in Athens, Ohio. They would take medicinal edibles and infusions to those most in need, and so those without health care or money for treatment could still find relief. #CompassionateCare

Currently residing in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida, Miss G Thumb adores working with medical patients and teaching them how to infuse almost anything with cannabis. Her goal is to empower each patient to make their own medicines, at will, hassle free.

If you reside in a recreational area, Miss G Thumb can help you too! Plant medicine is fabulous, but sometimes you just need to unwind and want to relax, with no medical necessity. Edibles and infusions are a great way to do this! Perhaps you’d like to enjoy a cannabis martini on a Friday night to kick things off right!?!?!

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